Archives, Libraries and Museums

Today learning experience was dinamic in a different kind of way, it included few locations; National Library and ABM-utvikling (Norwegian Authority for Archives, Library and Museum). We took a short tour through the library building which was restored in 2005. It was very interesting to hear that brother of Gustav Vigeland painted the cupola of the library. We were shorty introduced to the library history. Besides in Oslo, library is located in Mo i Rana, city in the north of Norway. I found that to be very unusual since it is ONE library whose collections are located hounderds (or thousands) of kilometars away. We were also introduced to future tendencies of which the “digitazing everything” seemed the most challenging and promising at the same time. Although the library had a digital collection before, from 2006. the initiative to digitize all of it´s collection was given. At this point library has a collection of “28 kilometars of shelved book”, in words of a librarian who was guiding us throug the library. The oldest book that library has in it´s collection dates from 12th century and besides that, incunabulas are also among the most valuable items National library has. It is also interesting that the library is building a repository by downloading Norwegian web sites. It seemes the library has enetered the future of librarianship through big doors of building digital library that will be a digital copy of physical one, and more.

The Norwegian Archive, Library and Museum Authority was presented to us by a former direcor of a Folks museum. ABM-utvikling was established in 2003. as an organisation that connects archives, libraries and museums and is aimed at strengthening their colaboration and position in the society. During the presentation many ABM cultural projects were brought into attention. What was interesting to me was the nature of these projects- many of them have a mission of preserving culture of Norway´s minorities.

After the visit and coming back to OUC we had a short discussion about the difference between the library, museum and archive. Some revealing ideas were given that I think many people aren´t familiar with. For example, museums are usually thought of as cultural institutions that hold historical objects. But we came to the conslusion that musems can also have a contemporary exibitions, present art or science objects and themes. In that sense, there are three types of museums: historical, art and science museums. Unfortunately, there wasn´t much time for the discussion to develop but general information was given.

In the end of the day, my group (this time me included) managed to work in the editing room in program Pinacle on our trigger, as I had hoped we/I would. Although it is a lot more complex than any program I had every worked with, it reminded me of Adobe Audition, program that I use for recording and editing music, and that made it more easy for me to use.

Our trigger is finished and I´m trully looking forward to tomorrow morning and our film premiers!