Learning and teaching

Presentations of our triggers went very well. Considering the time we had, and lack of our experience with working with camera, and film editing softver, I think we were very succesfull and supportive of each other.

Group discussion on reasons and methods of teaching (and learning) followed the presentations. Again, the culture (shock) difference came into attention. While discussing the reasons why we enetered the teaching profession, Daniel said that his country has had, and stills has, very high number of illiterate and uneducated poeple and he felt someone had to make something about it. His reasons for becoming a teacher in so many ways surpasses every possible noble reasons I could think of from mine experience. This task was learning experience on much deeper level because I got to see teaching profession in the brightest form of it´s mission-changing the world around us.

We finished with discussion on open ended questions. This was very usefull because we gave examples from our own experience on how to finish the lecture, precisely how to motivate students to ask us (and them selves) questions. I liked the idea of giving students a taks to talk among them selves what they didn´t understand from the lecture and than share their questions with everyone else. Also, we posed the touchy question of not knowing the right answer (teachers are also limited humans. 🙂 and what to do in such situations. Strategy of “returning the ball” seems to work the best. In other words, giving students task to find the right answer for their homework or the next lecture.

I think this kind of discussions based on our teaching experiences can be very helpfull in developing our teaching techniques.


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