Making a trigger

Today we got a chance to use smartboard  (it was the first time for me to write on it) and see other functions it has. For example, saving the text you enter on the board. As yesterday we began with group presentations: we presented our storyboards in groups. As I have stressed out yesterday, and have a need to do it again since I find it to be a very good approach, group presentations allow us to see ideas of other groups, make comparative analysis and maybe make our own ideas more clear to us. I think ideas begin shaping into reality the moment we start verbalizing them.

Most of the working day was spent in filming the video that would later,in editing room, become a trigger. For me, it was a multilearning experience: I got a chance to operate the camera for the first time in my life, to think throug filming strategies, direct and see film editing room. Unfortunately, I didn´t get a chance to work in film editing program since I was searching web for the appropriate music for our video while the group was with technical assistants turning the raw film material into trigger. But I hope to see how it works tomorrow.

Although it was multilearning experience, I think we, first of all, had a lot of fun. 🙂 And I think we made a good job.


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