Monday 30th of June in LATINA

What was this monday about? Digital story is the answer! Digital stories open new dinamic grounds for learning and teaching.

Recently I have learnt how to use Windows Movie Maker. Since it is very similar to Photo Story 3, technically it was quite easy to use, but making a story that has a logical structure and trying to make a clear point was quite challenging and motivating. Since Photo Story 3 is easy to use, I think working with this programm in class would be not just a learning experience, but also a fun one. 🙂

Another thing that I would like to stress out is teaching approach in LATINA. I feel I am learning not just about the possible application of media in class, but also methodology of teaching. Practical and creative work that we take part in every day is extremely motivating, for one part, and very efficient on the other. Another thing is group work. Althoug it is sometimes hard to work with people you don´t know, who have different interests and backgrounds than you, it is an excellent opportunity for learning about ourseleves, our communication skills and ability to cooperate.


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